July 30, 2009
I have recently finished my (4 Weeks) of adjuster training at the ACI Insurance Institute.  Previously  I have worked in the flooring industry for years and do to the economy, I started looking for other ways to earn an income.  After checking on-line and talking to people about claims adjusting, I began checking out different schools.  ACI gave me the feel that they were honest and forthright on what to expect.  Soon after my wife and I came to Wilmington, NC she would go to the beach or enjoy some of the other activities Wilmington has to offer while I attended school.  ACI is located just a couple miles from Wrightsville Beach, thus making it very nice for the family.
The instructors at ACI were very knowledgeable and made the learning material easy to understand. Due to giving their own experience in the business, it made it very interesting having this "on the battle field approach".  I also was most impressed when they allowed us to go on actual claims, with their adjusters.  This helped us to see how the adjuster goes out, scopes the job, handles the policy holder and then walking us thru the Xactimate so we can collectively write it up.  We spent one solid week doing nothing but learning the Xactimate program, not only being exposed to what the adjuster would see, but also showing us what the front office does thru this system.
The small size of the class made it a hands on learning event, I think because of this I was able to learn a good deal more. The entire staff at ACI, created a family atmosphere. The last day of school I hated to leave, but I feel that they gave me a real since of direction and how to apply what I have just learned. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to really learn how to become an adjuster 
R Johnson

May 22, 2009
During the hurricane season of 2005, an opportunity to pursue a new career in insurance adjusting presented itself.

Although my previous career in outside sales was not related to the adjusting world, I felt comfortable with my moderate knowledge of construction.  Throughout my years as a homeowner, I had completed many projects ranging from building decks, plumbing repairs, finishing basements, etc.
It was at this point in 2005 that I came in contact with the ACI family.  I was immediately welcomed at ACI and assured that I would receive all the support necessary to become a quality insurance adjuster.  After receiving "training" in the ACI office, I was deployed to south Florida to assist in the completion of hundreds of catastrophe claims.
After my deployment to Florida, I committed myself to a career in full time insurance adjusting.  I quickly realized that there was a lot to learn in the daily world of adjusting. During this time frame, I continued to receive tremendous training and support from the ACI Management Staff, often outside of normal business hours.  Eventually, I was brought on board as a Field Adjuster with ACI working on daily claims as well as occasional catastrophe deployments.
Recently, I have been named to the National Catastrophe Team (a team of 15 adjusters located throughout the country) with The Hartford Insurance Group as an Outside Claim Specialist.

It is truly a testimonial to The ACI family that I was able to reach this level in my career. 
Without their training, patience and unwavering support, this would not have been possible.
Moving forward in my career, I feel comfortable knowing that if I ever need anything at all, ACI will continue to be a valuable resource.  My thanks go out to everyone in the ACI family for all that they have done to assist me in my career.
G Bass


April 17, 2009

After obtaining my South Carolina property adjusters license, I was very confused about what to do next. Do I wait on a storm and “wing it” with my construction knowledge and very limited insurance knowledge or do I get trained before the storms come? I decided on the latter and began to research schools to find the best fit for me.

I chose ACI in Wilmington North Carolina because of location, size of class, cost and mostly because of the curriculum. What caught my eye was the fact that ACI takes the students out on real claims with adjusters.

This “hands on” experience is invaluable to me. The second week of the four week course has just finished, and the class has so far studied the understanding of insurance policies, been on four claims, estimated these claims and processed the claims to the carrier. Week three is an entire week of Xactimate training. This training I now realize is essential in becoming a property adjuster.

ACI has a family feel with a very knowledgeable and professional staff that is eager to teach students the right way of adjusting. I would strongly recommend this school to any one that is starting in this business or is in need of advanced training.

With this training I can now go out in the workplace with confidence and begin my life’s new endeavor.

D. Agee
Charleston, SC


April 19, 2009

I, within the past 12 months began my insurance career by working in the auto / material damage side of the business.  I had no experience in the property or liability side other than a short stint with Nationwide during a recent catastrophe storm in 2008.

Luckily my father, retired from Nationwide as a State Trainer for over 30 years and I was prospected as a desk hand due to Nationwide being short handed and my father having a few leads for me to follow up on.

When I began this temporary desk assignment with Nationwide, it was quite a struggle to write estimates and navigate the most widely used estimating program known as Xactimate.  After working with Nationwide during this storm for several months, I was then asked to do basic task type file reviews for the independent adjusters that were out writing property estimates on their behalf.  It was at that point I decided to do what ever it took to become a Property Field Adjuster.

While recently attending the ACI Insurance Institute and was greatly impressed with their curriculum.  The instructors spend a lot of time putting what can be tough to comprehend material into layman’s terms.  By having 6 different instructors, it seemed to keep me engaged and enthused about the day’s studies.  They have also developed a remote testing platform that is part of their claims system where the students log on their system in the evenings and the instructors have generated a short quiz to review that day’s curriculum.  It is graded and reviewed the next mourning highlighting any areas of question.
Without this happening, I may still be wondering what and where I would be working today.

You all won't find more involved, hands on training anywhere.  That seems to be the buzz within the class and the consensus of the others as well.  One of the other students said it best when the statement was made "You have to like showing up the first day to find out you are being loaded into a van and low and behold your are headed to a real live field claim"!  That is the kind of common sense ACI exercises every day.  At that point you can understand what they are talking about.  It just makes everything click from day one.

If I hadn't had this training available and with my prior limited knowledge, I would most certainly be in a very different situation today.  Best of all my ability to navigate Xactimate has come full circle thanks to their patients.

Given our country’s situation it sure is a good feeling to have a career I really enjoy.  Not to mention the gratification of helping someone in need on a daily basis.  Its a strong sense of personal accomplishment. 

Today, I'm making a great living and have tons of flexibility for my family and myself.  I would like to thank the great trainers and managers at ACI for making all of this possible for me an my family and most importantly giving me an opportunity to carry the "ACI Vision" in the field on a daily basis!
Yours truly,
J. Gilland





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