Frequently Asked Questions


Q)  Is the cost of lodging or transportation included within the tuition?

A)  Each student is responsible for their own travel / lodging expenses.  You will find some area lodging accommodations and transportation contact information listed under our ACI INS Ins tab.


Q)  Typically how much does the lodging cost for the duration of the class? 

A)  We find the cost to be roughly $30 dollars per night or $950 for the entire month at Extended Stay America.  We do advise students to check as their rates are subject to change.


Q)  Do you offer state licensing for my home state?

A)  Due to the large number of states our students travel from it is not possible for ACI to keep track and current with each therefore we focus our efforts solely on comprehensive field adjuster training.  However you can contact RS Thomas and a bio inclusive of a web-line are provided below:

For twenty-six years RSThomas Training Associates, Inc. has been recognized as one of the nations “Top 10” Insurance Schools. Based in Atlanta, they offer, for all 50 states, On-Line Prequalification Training for Property & Casualty Adjusters.  Click their link below for more information.


Q)  You speak of the license above what if my state does require an adjuster license.  Do I have to secure that prior to attending the ACI Insurance Institute?

A)  Absolutely not.  Most of our students order a self-study disk (off the internet) that represents their particular state license requirements and use it in the evenings after each day’s studies.  This study disk often comes with a sample test disk so when you are ready you can take the state exam in a simulated environment.  Further we find while here at ACI the quiet nights offer a great time to secure this knowledge in an uninterrupted environment.  


Q)  Does your instruction staff help your students with any questions we may run into while studying for or license?

A)  Yes, we ask that it is done prior to each day classes or between breaks etc.


Q)  My spouse and I are retired and are looking to do this together as a team.  What is your policy as it relates to “teams”?

A)  We encourage this approach and find it works very well especially while on Cat Deployment.  We strive to keep our classes small in size to offer a very personal family feel.  With that being said our space is limited but we do offer a spouse rate that is ½ of the tuition cost.


Q)  Will I need to bring my computer and have MSB / Xactimate Software installed while attending?

A)  We provide all modern computer work-stations with a current version of MSB and Xactimate Software installed.


Q)  Before I make this financial investment in my career how do I know this is well suited for me?

A)  Each student has their own qualities and abilities.  This business has numerous paths in which you may want to proceed.  They include Daily Claims Adjusting, Cat Adjusting, Staff Field Adjuster, Inside Company Adjuster etc.  We do find most of our students have a general understanding of computers and construction however it is not a prerequisite.  The biggest quality we are looking for is customer service.  We are here to teach the rest.


Q)  I am ready to sign up for your next scheduled school but I do not have all of the funds needed. What options do you offer?  

A)  We accept major credit cards, giving you time to spread the payments out over time.  Unfortunately we do not offer student loans or any other financing options.  You may want to ask a close family member or friend to assist in the interim.


Q)  Is your training approved for CE (continuing education) credits?

A)  Yes


Q)  On your website you mention the curriculum is approved for 3 Credit Hours of College Graduate level courses, what is involved to get those credits?  And are those in addition to the CE credits above? 

A)  ACI stands alone as we have worked with the most respected and trusted authority (Insurance Institute of America) in the industry to select specific curriculum that is taught by our accredited instructors and you will need to take a final exam to receive your College Graduate level credit hours.  Yes the CE credits are used to keep your state license (if required) current and in addition to the College Graduate credits. 


Q)  You mention ACI has a sincere interest in identifying potential candidates to fill adjuster positions you may have open.  How do I secure one of those positions?

A)  Frankly, as you can understand we simply cannot bring everyone on-board just for completing our curriculum.  First we look at a students locations apply that against our need in that area and subsequently how it relates to claim volume.  We look at each student's abilities, scores and traits over the four weeks while here at ACI to ultimately see if there is a fit within the ACI family. 


Q)  What if I do not get an offer? 

A)  Our entire team assists you in every-way while you work to secure employment.  This is inclusive of our resume assistants,  resume listing on industry related job sites, vendor contacts W / HR addresses etc.  It is our intent to aid in finding every student an opportunity in this exciting field. We dedicate over 25 hours to this while you are here so you will leave very well prepared and stand out above others that possibly only have a license and very limited training.


Q)  Once I secure my first claims and run into some questions do you make your same instructors available to help answer and assist us with claim question’s we may have? 

A)  Yes.  We call it service, you are encouraged to contact us with any questions you may have no matter where you land.  We are here to help you! We even go as far as offering our instructors cellular contact numbers should you need help after hours.


Q)  I read on your website you offer some classes at the Community College.  Is that where I need to go to get my training?

A)  We do offer an “Intro to Adjusting” class at the Community Colleges.  It is a two day class and is designed to give an overview of this industry to any that may have an interest.  If you are truly interested in securing your future our four week class will significantly aid in your quest.


Q)  Would it be possible for me to contact some of your past students? 

A)  Absolutely.  Just contact us and we will gladly provide their contact information.  This is a very good way to decide if this is the correct step for you and or your career path.


Q)  Wow, all of this sound's so good what is my next step? 

A)  Call and get registered, we will look forward to seeing you soon!

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